Model TT 2300, Model TT 2300 Tensile Testers

The TT 2300 offers accurate testing, powerful tensile force and 56" crosshead travel.

The Benz TT 2300, the largest of the standard Benz tensile testers, has a tensile force of 20,000 lbs. and a 56" crosshead. It stands 74" tall, but requires only two by four feet of floorspace.

The Benz TT 2300 displays realtime force and elongation on a computer monitor for study, comparison, printing and record-keeping.

Operation is uninterrupted "load and go," saving enormous amounts of operator time. Results are precise and reproducible. Reports are easily customized.

Benzwin software provides data acquisition and comparison with past results through test curve displays and statistical analysis summaries. The Benzwin 2000 software, native to Windows 2000, is part of the TT 2300 system, which includes software, Windows 2000, and a PC.

Benzwin 2000 software stores test data and holds it for comparison and model building. Stress and strain analysis therefore does not require repeat testing and calculating, saving time for production managers, quality controllers and researchers.

In addition to tensile testing, Benz tensile testers test tear strength, peel strength, adhesion, coefficient of friction, burst, proofload, stress relaxation and custom tests.

TT 2300 hardware includes an emergency stop switch and programmed safety limits to eliminate load cell overload.

A number of grips for different types of material are available. Fixtures, adapters, environmental chambers, sample preparation equipment and extensometers are also available.

All Benz tensile testers, custom or standard, carry a free one-year warranty.

Series TT 2300
Universal Tester Capacity 20000 lb
Travel 56 in
Capacity at Full Speed 20000 lbf
5 to 50 kN
Load Cell Accuracy ± 0.20 % of full scale
Maximum Speed at Capacity Standard: 11 in/min
Standard: 275 mm/min
Minimum Speed Standard: 0.001 in/min
Standard: 0.25 mm/min
Return Speed 15 in/min
375 mm/min
Speed Accuracy ± 0.25 % of set speed
Crosshead Travel 56 in
1425 mm
Frame Type Freestanding Floor Model
Height 74 in
1880 mm
Width 48 in
1200 mm
Depth 24 in
600 mm
Weight 1100 lb
500 kg
Computer1 IBM compatible
Monitor2 VGA color
Software Standard: Tensile/Elongation
Operating Temperature 50 to 100 ºF
10 to 38 ºC
Storage Temperature 4 to 140 ºF
-20 to 60 ºC
Voltage Optional: 220/240 V
Standard: 110/120 V
Frequency Standard: 60 Hz
Optional: 50 to 60 Hz
Phase 1
Power Requirements Standard: 110/120 V, 60 Hz, 1 phase
Optional: 220/240 V, 50-60 Hz, 1 phase
Benzwin Software

Benzwin Software provides data acquisition and reanalysis of past results, through test curve display and statistical analysis summary. Test data is easily exported to most word processing, spreadsheet and SPC software.

  • Wide variety of tests with one machine - versatile, economical
  • Affordable, reliable design increases testing-budget buying power
  • Simple to use - ready-to-test within minutes - software speeds setup time
  • Maximum tests per hour - uninterrupted "load and go" operation
  • Precise, reproducible results - assures quality results
  • Compact design answers space problems

1 Or current available equipment
2 Or current available equipment