Model BP2 Brittlepoint Testers

The Samples are immersed in a solution to drop the temperature. After three minutes at the desired temperature, the samples are hit with a striker of prescribed radius and speed. The operator then inspects the samples to see how many have failed.

The instrument has a built-in temperature controller, and with the optional liquid nitrogen control, allows the operator the ability to change the temperature and get to the new temperature quickly and accurately.

The Sample Holding Fixture can hold up to ten samples at one time. The amount of energy can be measured after each test to ensure consistent test results.

The instrument is manufactured of stainless steel, anodized aluminum and Epaint to ensure durability and longevity while maintaining an attractive look.

The BP2 requires a table area of 2' wide x 2' deep. An overhead clearance of 3' is recommended for the calibration tube.

The instrument runs on 110 volts 15 amp AC power, and a supply of liquid nitrogen set at 22 psi if the liquid nitrogen option is selected. It is also recommended that all precautions be taken with regard to the setup and handling of the liquid nitrogen and the resulting nitrogen gas.

The instrument comes complete with the test fixture, temperature chamber and calibration tube as noted in Annex A1. Options include the LN2 control, Sample Cutting Die, Torque Wrench and Sample Guide fixture.

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