ADR 2100 Durometers

The Benz ADR 2100 is specifically designed for high accuracy laboratory testing of the hardness of rubber, plastic and other nonmetallic materials. The ADR 2100 measures the full range of the Shore scale.

It is computer-controlled for data storage, manipulation and analysis. Indentation is calibrated and repeatable. In addition to hardness, the ADR 2100 can verify tensile modulus, resilience, plasticity, compression resistance, and elasticity. Tests are non destructive. The ADR 2100 meets ASTM D2240 and international DIN and ISO standards for hardness testing. It reads Durometer A, B ,C and D scales to 0.0001 inches tolerance. It operates at 110/220 volts, 1 amp AC power and requires 6 x 10 inches of counter space, plus the space required by computer and monitor (included).

Because it is designed specifically for laboratory use without addition or manipulation of parts, it requires no additional attachments or adaptors.

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