1089, Model PT2100 Pipe Burst Testers

Benz creates a new instrument to measure hydrostatic burst strength of pipe and tube

The Benz Pipe Burst Tester (PT2100) tests pipe, tube and hose from 1/8" to 12.0", measuring burst pressure up to 3000 psi. Custom burst pipe testers can measure higher pressures and larger diameter samples.

The Benz Pipe Burst Tester is unique, with a push-button, dial-in control panel and a dedicated microprocessor controller designed specifically for testing pipe, tube and hose.

Height 48 in
Width 20 in
Depth 30 in
Weight 265 lb
Air Pressure at 2 cfm 4 bar
Computer IBM PC running MS Windows
Monitor VGA color
Standard Software BPT software
Voltage Requirements 110 V
220 V
Model PT2100
Tube and Hose Size 1/8 to 12.0 in
Measuring Burst Pressure Up to 3000 psi
Used to Test PE
Standard ASTM
Frequency 50 Hz
60 Hz
General Description

Built into the PT2100's main console are three software programs.

  • A rapid-burst test shows a realtime curve of increasing pressure until the sample fails.
  • A pass-fail test ramps pressure up to a pre-defined point, then releases the pressure.
  • A load-and-hold test ramps pressure to a specified number, then holds it at that pressure for a time period set by the operator.
The PT2100 can also plot pressure over time with a PC and Benzwin software package (optional). Burst pressure curves can be compared to similar curves for other samples, providing documented statistical evaluation.

The PT2100 is used to test PVC, PE, and PET pipe, meeting standards of ASTM and the Plastic Pipe Institute. It tests flexible hoses, such as auto radiator hoses, gasoline pump hoses and other hoses used in hostile environments. It is used for surgical, aviation and military hoses and tubes, including silicon and elastomeric-based hose and tube.

The PT2100 can run without modification on either 110V or 220V power, 50 or 60 Hz. The console is 20" wide by 30" deep by 48" high and is built with stainless and powder-coated steel. Pressure-relief valves drain into a pan that can be tied into a factory drainage system with a 2" coupling at the PT2100's base.

Like other instruments from Benz Material Testing Instruments, the PT2100 carries an extensive one-year parts and labor warranty.