LGB-6, Block Ovens

6 Hole Oven.

Test-Tube Capacity 6
Height 12 in
Temperature Range 100 to 500 ºF
Voltage 110/220 V
Power 750 W
Width 12 in
Depth 14 in
Temperature Control P.I.D. digital
Phase 1
Weight 60 lb
Standard ASTM D-471 for liquid effects
ASTM D-865 for air heating

Glassware for Block Ovens
A major disadvantage to the present systems of oil immersion testing is the evaporation of volatile fluids. The test must also be carried out in explosion proof enclosures.

The Benz water cooled reflex condenser reduces the need for constant monitoring of liquid levels as well as the hazardous build-up of volatile gases.

Benz Materials Testing Instruments has in stock all aluminum block aging oven accessories to perform ASTM D-471 and D-865 for rubber deterioration.

ASTM D-471 for Liquid Effects

  • LGB-24: 38 mm x 300 mm test tubes
  • LGB-25A: Single-hole stoppers
  • LGB-27A: 15 mm reflux tube
  • LGB-92: Water-cooled condenser
  • LGB-93: Condenser test tube
ASTM D-865 for Air Heating
  • LGB-24: 38 mm x 300 mm test tubes
  • LGB-25: Two-hole stoppers
  • LGB-26: 9 mm short vent tube
  • LGB-27: 9 mm long vent tube

  • Cross-contamination of samples is eliminated by use of up to 28 individual test stations.
  • Solid-aluminum block is cleaner and safer than oil baths, and transfers heat at a faster rate.
  • Round design provides a more constant and uniform heat transfer than square block ovens.
  • Up to three inches of insulation surrounding the block prevent loss of heat and reduces electrical consumption during long-term aging studies.
  • P.I.D. temperature controllers maintain a constant temperature without drifting above or below set point.
  • Stainless steel jacketing eliminates corrosion caused by spills of test fluids
  • Preset high-limit switch shuts off power if overheating occurs.
  • Both ASTM D-471, for liquid aging, and D-865, for air aging, can be run at the same time.
  • The system can be set up, with the water-cooled reflux condenser, to reduce constant monitoring of liquid levels and build-up of volatile gases.