1071, Model P-4 Plastometers

Plasticity is determined by taking a sample of known size, preheating it to a predefined test temperature for a precise time, and then subjecting it to a compressive force of 5,000g. The resultant thickness is the plasticity.

The Model P-4 is used to determine the plasticity and recovery of uncompounded, compounded, and reclaimed stocks of unvulcanized rubber and rubber-like materials. It conforms with the requirements of ASTM-D-926.

An Auxiliary dial indicator can be supplied with a micrometer gauge having a presser foot actuated by a dead weight force required for recovery measurements. Also available for use with this tester is a die to cut a uniform test sample to ASTM procedures.

A digital indicator with hookup to a PC with software for automated data collection is also available. This allows the user the ability to collect and compare data and make test reports with histograms effortlessly.

Model P-4
Standard ASTM-D-926
Compressive Force 5000 g
Software BENZWIN2000